Make-Up Tips for Going on Modeling Auditions

model natural makeupWhen you’re preparing for a modeling audition, there are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to makeup application. Agents are looking for you to be yourself, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look your best when you step into the audition. Making sure your makeup is tasteful is one of the keys to ensuring your modeling audition goes smoothly. Here are some suggestions for bringing out your best features, while making making sure modeling agents see the real you.


  1. Put on a Quality Primer: Before you apply your makeup, wash your face thoroughly and put on a quality primer. This will keep your foundation in place for hours. A primer that includes sunscreen is a must, even if you’re not going to be outside for a long period of time. Primers that make your skin sparkle are best if the modeling audition is for a spring or summer campaign; a primer that gives your skin a matte finish is ideal if you’re auditioning for a fall or winter photo or commercial shoot.  Find the 12 Best Makeup Primers here.
  2. Wear Natural Foundation: Wear makeup that makes your face look naturally healthy and clear. Mineral makeup is usually best for a modeling audition, since it gives you a glowing complexion without your having to pile makeup on your face. You can also wear makeup that is water-based and contains sunscreen and vitamins that will keep your pores open all day. A blush in a modest peach shade is best for most skin tones, or you can wear bronzer to give your skin an attractive glow that is sure to make you stand out–in a good way.
  3. Wear Concealer: After you’ve applied your foundation, add concealer to any problem areas on your face. Put a little concealer under your eyes to make you look more vibrant, and add a dab of concealer to any blemishes or dark spots on your face. Remember not to overdo it on the concealer. Even though you want to cover up imperfections, you never want to go to modeling audition with excessive makeup on.
  4. Wear Eyeshadow that Brings Out Your Eye Color: If you have brown eyes, wear variations of cream and tan eyeshadow to accentuate your eye color without wearing eye makeup that is too bold. A deep shade of gold or bronze on your eyelids is pretty without being too over the top. For blue eyes, light shades of purple or orange are best for modestly featuring the color of your eyes. Taupe and silver are the best natural hues to wear to a modeling audition if your eyes are green. Remember to use a very light color underneath your brows to give more definition to your face; the darkest eyeshadow color you use should go in the crease of your eyelid, and the medium color should be applied along the lash line.
  5. Put On a Nude Lip Color: A natural lipstick or lip gloss that makes your lips shiny and healthy is the best choice for a modeling audition. For cool skin tones, choose a shiny lip gloss or lipstick that has flecks of purple and beige is ideal. If your skin tones are warm, you’ll need a lipstick that has a light toasted almond hue with pink tones. Wear a lipliner in the same color as your lipstick or gloss to accentuate the shape of your lips. Matte lipsticks are best for auditions that are for a fall or winter modeling job; glossy lip colors are fitting for spring and summer.

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